Bilateral REDD+ cooperation


In May 2010, Norway and Indonesia entered into a climate and forest partnership to support Indonesia’s efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation of forests and peat lands. Norway committed up to one billion USD to support the Indonesian efforts to implement necessary measures to reach their goals. Indonesia has since then, taken decisive action to reduce its forest and peat related greenhouse gas emissions.

The bilateral partnership has three phases. In the first phase, funds have been devoted to finalising Indonesia’s climate and forest strategy and putting in place enabling policies and institutional reforms. In phase two, the objective is to prepare Indonesia for the contributions-for-verified emissions reductions while at the same time initiate larger scale mitigation actions through province-wide projects. In the third phase, the contributions-for-verified emissions reductions mechanism will be implemented nationally.

The partnership is now in an interim phase between phase 1 and phase 2. Activities by the Indonesian Peatland Restoration Agency are being supported with the assistance by the UN Development Program and the World Resources Institute. The Ministry of Environment and Forestry are receiving financial support for additional activities, also with the help of the UN Development Programme. Please read more below.

Indonesia and Norway partners with the World Resources Institute Indonesia to map priority peatland areas in order to support peatland restoration. WRI will help increase transparency in the management of Indonesia's forests and peatlands. Read more

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